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text technology

We combine our technical solutions with business knowledge to generate unique products in scaling markets


Experience in NLP/ML
technology in academic and business environment


Business knowledge creating data products in the fields of ESG, news and social media analytics -  for financial and communication markets



🔠 Concepttt uses its own language technology, the abcd-engine.

Its major advantage over many machine learning approaches is its ability to adapt quickly to dynamic changes and its built-in multilingual capabilities.

It enables us to blend existing conceptual knowledge with data-driven acquired insights.

Wherever it makes sense we complement our technology with other methods from natural language processing and machine learning.

This allows us to benefit from the rapid development in NLP whilst still providing a unique approach.

Automation of text analytics has enormous potential for increasing efficiency, but also for developing entirely new services. At the same time, implementation poses major challenges for the business.


Over the last 10 years, Michael Amsler has built up extensive knowledge in machine text analysis methods and has implemented this knowledge in many projects. We offer this knowledge in the form of an advisory service. 

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allESG is the brand for our ESG solutions. Sustainability is the big topic today. The market demands reliable data that is not readily available. Concepttt provides the technology that extracts valuable information from texts. allESG supplements these insights with other data sources as needed and structures them based on ESG frameworks. Transparently and wherever the market does not yet offer an apt solution.



Business minded senior computational linguist with extensive academic background in NLP. His strength is to mix our own solution with established and latest methods from Machine Learning and NLP

Michi Amsler

As a small team, we want to focus on our core competencies. That's why we work with established partners on other levels. This makes us agile and competitive...


Open for ideas

ESG enthusiast with a focus on scalable data products. He wants to see how far we can push with automated text analytics and remote sensing.

Linard Campell
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